The Sipe Theater is our sixth hidden mystery to be revealed. To explain the mysteries of the Sipe would take a magic pen, and no one could reveal the beautiful pictures like the Kokomo Herald. No other theater can ever compare to the Sipe. It was in a class of its own. The beauty of the Sipe will remain in our hearts forever. At night the marque would light up the whole south west corner of Sycamore and Union Streets.

Once inside, the pretty carpet and concession stand would take your breath away. These are just a few hidden mysteries of the Sipe. Can you remember the coming attractions, that were lit up on the wall as you entered the theater? One hidden mystery, and it is a big one, was the stairway to heaven and the steps leading to the Sipe balcony. The balcony was a place, that only the young and foolish could enter.

The mystery of entering another dimension, is hard to explain. How do you explain being suspended in mid air? As we sat down, her knee touched my knee and somehow we ended up on Jupiter and Mars.

The Sipe was the only theater, that the restrooms were upstairs. A lot of people don't know this, but cupid lived at the Sipe. Barb and I was shot with his arrows, many times. When she laid her head on my shoulder, it was close enough for the sweet smell of her hair to muddle my senses. There wasn't any pain to cupids arrows. We could have stayed in the balcony forever. Once we put our arms around our date, our arm would get sore and even fall asleep, but we didn't dare move. We held on for dear life.

When you were lost in the magic of a kiss, time ceased to exist. When we left the balcony at the Sipe, we floated down Sycamore and Main Streets with wings on our feet. We loved Kokomo and Kokomo loved us. We had the world on a string and sitting on a rainbow. The Sipe Theater is now just a dream. Surely this would last forever, but time waits for no one. It passes you by, just like the rainbow in the sky.

We hope you have enjoyed the hidden mysteries of the seven Theaters. The Fox Theater will be the last one.

Tom and Barb Hamilton
3801 Tulip Lane
Kokomo, Indiana 46902