Women delivering at St.Vincent Kokomo will now experience being “wireless” with the new Monica Novii external fetal monitoring solution. Fetal monitors track baby’s heart rate and stress level and traditionally consist of a belt around the mother’s belly that requires connection to a machine during labor and delivery. With the Novii Patch, St.Vincent Kokomo laboring mothers are experiencing greater mobility and freedom, accurate monitoring, risk reduction for those with a high BMI and improved workflow for the nurses.

Mothers and providers can be confident that the fetal heart rate is being monitored accurately, even in the most testing situations. The system simultaneously monitors and differentiates the fetal from the maternal heart rate; significantly reducing the likelihood of confusing the two. No more cables, belts or transducers and no more repositioning because the Novii is simply a one-time ‘peel and stick’ allowing the new mother-to-be greater freedom of movement, a more comfortable experience and the ability to take a shower, all without disrupting the important monitoring.

“The healthcare landscape is changing, and St.Vincent Kokomo recognizes the consumer-driven shift. With the wireless monitoring, our staff will be able to provide greater patient satisfaction and confidently deliver accurate monitoring,” commented Margie Johnson, Northwest Regional President, St.Vincent Kokomo.

With the single-patient-use patch, potential risk of inadequate cleaning and cross-contamination is minimized. For the mothers with long labors, they need not to worry. The Pod battery life is up to 11 hours and a secondary Pod is fully charged for when needed.

“We have been using the Monica Novii Wireless Patch System since the first of July,” stated Julie Ward, Manager, Birthing Center, St.Vincent Kokomo. “We have already seen an improvement in monitoring and a decrease in the stress of the former belts and the need to reposition them frequently,” Ward added.