Thaniel Hollingsworth and Mark Harrison, aka The Green Goblin, taking a selfie at last year's Kokomo-Con event. 
Herald Photo / File
Thaniel Hollingsworth and Mark Harrison, aka The Green Goblin, taking a selfie at last year's Kokomo-Con event. Herald Photo / File

Kokomo-Con is in its eighth year, and, as with most things, it gets better with age. 

As the days draw closer to the event, tidbits from the show’s promoters are helping reach the thousands of fans of comic and pop culture art.

This year’s guest of honor will be none other than writer John Ostrander, who is the man behind the modern-day Suicide Squad. Ostrander has worked on X-Men stories, various Star Wars tales, The Spectre, Justice League, and Batman. He also is known for creating the character Oracle.

“He is a legendary comic writer from DC and Marvel Comics, as well as Independence,” said event organizer Shawn Hilton. “He is well known for creating Amanda Waller, who is the leader of the Suicide Squad that ran through comic books and just last year had a big summer movie and animated feature based on those characters. He’s kind of a big deal. He has some accolades and credits to his name.”

Also on hand will be legendary editor Mike Gold. He is the co-founder of First Comics and has worked on such titles as The Shadow, The Question, Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters, Blackhawk, and Hawkworld.

Kokomo-native Paul Allor will be part of the guest lineup.

“He just this summer worked on Marvel’s biggest comic book series which is Secret Empire. He did one of the offshoots, Secret Empire: Brave New World. He’s currently writing Clue based on the old Hasbro board game. He’s also worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and now he’s got his own creator-owned gig. He’s created a brand-new concept that is original to him and isn’t a license based on someone else’s work. That has just been picked up. That will feature Leonardo di Vinci and his assistance with a steampunk Renaissance feel to it,” Hilton said. “We have a lot of guests coming in. They draw people from all over the Midwest.”

Back again this year is the extremely popular costume contest, and Hilton said it will be the biggest yet. Guests of Kokomo Con are encouraged to come in costume, and those willing to can enter the costume contest for trophies and prizes based on the group levels. Categories for entry include toddlers (weeks old to 4 years), male child and female child (ages 5-13), adult male and adult female (14+), and group (minimum two people, any age, must have a theme).

There also will be a charity memorabilia and other items auction that will benefit the Kokomo Humane Society and the Excelsior Scholarship fund that gives a scholarship to a member of Taylor High School’s Graphic Novel Club. 

Hilton said many new vendors will be on hand, and it was announced late Monday that booth space officially has been marked as sold out.

The Batmobile will be driven from Logansport to Kokomo, weather permitting, Hilton said. Fiberglass Freaks of Logansport, Ind., are licensed to create officially-licensed 1966 Batmobiles. With the design of the car, it cannot have windshield wipers. The owners do drive the car to Kokomo, so Hilton said if there is rain the Batmobile cannot be driven from the shop.

Hilton said it might sound cliché, but there really is something for everyone in attendance, even those who may have resisted coming in the first place.

“What I love about Kokomo Con is that people will bring friends and family members that aren’t interested. Within five to 10 minutes their eyes are opened, and later they don’t want to leave,” he said. “It’s a great first show to go to if you’ve never been to a show. It’s a great show to go to. We see a lot of people under 5 and 6 years old come in. You get to enjoy something you may not normally see. We want to see everyone dressed in costume. These people are not only dressing up, but they’re going to get photos with other people. Just remember to ask them for a photo first. Most of the time, they’re going to say yes.”