August 30

Brooks, Mary Frunees, Public Intoxication; Public Nudity

Josey, Hakim H., Resisting Law Enforcement

Majors, William A., Warrant-Aiding, Inducing, Causing Armed Robbery-2 counts

Mauricio-Gallegos, Juan Diego, Domestic Violence Battery; Interference with Report of a Crime

Red, Nino D., Resisting Law Enforcement

Tressler, Jennifer Ann, Public Intoxication

Whiteman, William Robert, Warrant-Failure to Appear

Wilson, Carlton D., Warrant-Burglary; Warrant-Petition to Revoke Suspended Sentence-3 counts

Woodard, Angela R., Warrant-Petition to Revoke Suspended Sentence

Wimmer, James, Warrant-Body Attachment; Warrant-Failure to Appear; Warrant-Dealing in Methamphetamine, Possession of Chemical, Possession of Controlled Substance

Ausgust 31

Hancock, Billy Edwin, Operating while Intoxicated

Fisher, Chance, Warrant-Body Attachment

Holmes, Adonis, Dealing Cocaine within 1,000 ft of Housing; Possession; Possession of Cocaine within 1,000 ft of Housing; Dealing Marijuana; Possession of Marijuana; Resisting Law Enforcement; Warrant-Criminal confinement; Warrant-Domestic Violence; Warrant-Interfering with Reports of a Crime

Hook, Scott, Warrant-Failure to Appear

Kavis, Troy, Warrant-Child Molesting

Mix, Karl, Warrant-Body Attachment

Pearson, Wynella, Petition to Revoke

Pettiford, II, Gary, Possession of Marijuana; Resisting Law Enforcement; Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Deal

Richardson, Damien, Habitual Traffic Violator

Scalf, Brandon, Public Intoxication

September 1

Cannon, Jamaine, Possession of Cocaine within 1,000 ft of Housing; Visiting a Common Nuisance

Darling, Jay, Trespass

Fields, Monte, Public Nudity; Public Intoxication

Hodges, Matthew, Warrant-Body Attachment

Martinez, Jorge, Operating while Intoxicated

Porter, Stacey, Warrant-Petition to Revoke

Runge, Edward, Public Intoxication

Shandle, Shardae, Operating while Intoxicated; Possession of Marijuana

Waters, Cody, Never Obtaining License

September 2

Brophy, James, Public Intoxication; Public Nudity

Jones, Toby, Operating while Intoxicate

Martin, Lawrence, Driving while Suspended with Priors

Moss, Brandon, Public Intoxication

Rickenback, Dwight, Warrant-Petition to Revoke

Small, Grant, Criminal Recklessness

Steven, Randy, Theft; Possession of a Controlled substance

Vinas, Antonio, Warrant-Failure to Appear; Warrant-Theft;Miami Co. Warrant-Parole Violation

Wagoner, Dakoda, Operator Never Licensed; Warrant-Failure to Appear

September 3

Cohee, Derrick, Possession of Controlled Substance Schedule II-2 counts

Powell, Jay, Driving while Suspended with Priors

Rosa, Dana, Public Intoxication

Story, Corey, Possession of Marijuana

Ventura-Estrada, Juan, Operating while Intoxicated-2 counts; Driving while Suspended while Suspended

September 4

Busbee, Richard, False Informing; Warrant-Failure to Appear

Davis, William, Warrant-Failure to Appear

Jones, Josh, DomesticBattery

Beal, Brian, Domestic Battery

Novinger, Tracey, Warrant-Invasion of Privacy

Orem, Rick, Public Intoxication

Smith, Teresa, Warrant-Child Molesting

Waite, Matthew, Warrant-Impersonation of Public Servant; Warrant-Intimidation

Watson, Brian, Public Intoxication

September 5

Bell, II, Donell, Hamilton Co. Warrant-Petition to Revoke Suspended Sentence