I am very excited about the second half of 2013 and 2014. I am excited how God is using
churches to shape the future. There are three things to look I am looking forward to seeing come to fruition -- things we have been working on for a long time. The first is an internship program that will begin this fall at Hope House. Hope House is a house that was purchased by First Congregational Christian Church and will be used to house the interns coming to Kokomo. Kserve is a collaboration between Kokomo Urban Outreach, Bridges Outreach and First Congregational Church. The Howard Community Foundation awarded a grant to market the new venture.

The Church and faith-based organizations(FBO) were the first workers who entered homes when the flood water receded and heard the stories of despair. The Church and FBO worked closely with governmental officials going door to door to be sure everyone was safe, later going door to door to communicate information and finally to check on progress. The Church and FBO filled up a Flood Recovery Warehouse with 1000's of items, the Church and FBO sent in workers to gut, clean and repair homes. The Church funded a large portion of the relief work. It was exciting to see all denominations work together. I am excited to tell the stories of how God took families from despair to hope. These stories are heartbreaking yet amazing. I will soon be publishing those stories in various forms(maybe a book?). God is Good!!!

Watch for our newest Ministry this Fall! Helping families become self-sufficient.
Looking forward to your help...Thanks Jeff

Western Buddy Bags Golf Outing

First Annual Schulte Memorial Golf Outing to benefit Western Schools Buddy Bag Program will be held on Saturday, August 17th 2013. The outing will take place at Chippendale Golf Course in Kokomo, Indiana. 100% of proceeds to benefit local children.

Bill Murphy Car Show To Benefit Kokomo Urban Outreach

The 8th Annual Bill "Murph" Murphy Car Show will be held on Sunday August 11th at Highland Park from 10am-5pm. Car show entry is $10, sponsorships are still available. All proceeds will benefit Project E.A.T. (Everyone Ate Today). For more information call Deanna at 457-1983.

Laundry Soap

Thank you so much for the 1000's and 1000's of water bottles donated during the past several years. In the past we made liquid laundry soap and put them in water bottles. We recently, found a new recipe(check it out) which is a powder, that can be packaged in Ziploc sandwich bags. The new way of packaging the soap gives our food pantry guests more loads and it is much easier to make and much lighter for the volunteers in the pantry to move. We still need plastic grocery bags; we use about 4,000 bags per week.

Thanks Jeff

* Small group or individual to finish laying a sub floor at Hope House(intern house)
* Looking for an electrician to look at a couple of minor things in the house
* Once floor is completed looking for someone to install wood trim to two bedrooms
* Also looking for a group to finish painting some small rooms
Call Jeff cell number is 765.461.9618
* Starting in September we are needing volunteers to receive donations of food at our food
pantry on Home Ave. on days the pantry is closed to the public. The desired hours are 10-3 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. You may take a day or even part of a day. Call John at at

Buddy Bag Sponsors
$120.00 per child for a school year

Baby University Sponsors
* Sponsor one family to attend the nine week class $100.00
* Sponsor one class day of Baby University $333.00
* Sponsor a 9 week cycle of Baby University $3,000
* Children's socks(all sizes including adult) and Turkeys--- both for Thanksgiving
Mail or bring in donations to: Kokomo Urban Outreach, 1701 S. Locke St., Kokomo, IN 46902

With school out toiletries especially toilet paper is much needed. Please drop off toilet tissue at the food pantry on Home St. and Hoffer. Mon-Fri 10-3 or call the office to make other arrangements(457.1983).