TKMP is a faith-based program. To this end, we do use The Bible and The Scriptures as a guide for what we are called to do - mentor. 

Since the conception of the program, the families we served have increased. We’ve helped with transportation needs, individual and family counseling, parenting support, peer support, academic support, grief support, life skills training, food, and clothing. In all these things we do, and more, prayer and faith is the needle and thread that keeps us together for those who need us.

All of our sessions are group sessions. Some sessions include guest speakers who are fluent in current trend topics like domestic violence, substance abuse, anger management, etc. However, if a mentee needs individual mentoring we provide that as well. We also teach ethical work habits and how to balance our time to include volunteering. As it is in this world, there are instances where we should be a Good Samaritan, and at other times we must work for a wage for what we want and need.

Our mentees are those who desire to learn how to live a morally good life of victory through failures, disappointments, and milestone successes. And, living a morally good life is greater than money and materialistic gain. Our focus is the whole person living i.e. emotional, physical and psychological living; healthy relationship and lifestyle living; academic and recreational living, and an honest way of living that is pleasing to God our Creator.

Now, God our Creator isn’t limited to our English linguistics. It just wouldn’t be kind of us to imprison who God is by our restricted language, thoughts, and intellect. God is Yahweh, YHWH; and He is LORD. He is Dios and He is also Zhǔ Shén (which means LORD God in the language of the Protestant Chinese).

To this end, speaking a language that the community can understand isn’t definitive of our finite dialect. We must speak the universal language of the heart. We must speak positive messages with our time and deeds of compassion and caution. And, we must possess the ability to speak the language of truth and pure divine love.

Proverbs 4:7 (KJV) reads, “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

The language in this scripture is wisdom and understanding. When you serve a community with diverse backgrounds, from diverse nations, with diverse speech, from functions and dysfunctions of life’s happenings, we must use the language of wisdom and understanding to mentor them.

This is what mentoring is about for Top Kids.

Angela is a Mompreneur, and the founder and director of Top Kids Mentoring Program. The program currently serves the West side of Kokomo, Howard County, IN. For more information on how to get your Top Kid involved, to submit questions to be answered in our column, or to connect and support us, please call us at (765) 889-2802.